Akahi and Camila present Alegria* TV show #3 *Offering messages of Love to our Mother Earth and the Universe*

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Breatharians Akahi and Camila offer messages, prayers and meditations of Love to Mother Earth in this 3rd internet TV episode of Alegria*.

Alegria* TV show #3 *Offering messages of Love to our Mother Earth and the Universe* (subtitulos)

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Alegria* Conscious Television with Akahi & Camila from
*The Rainbow Sunshine Family*
Be a participant witness of the planetary awareness with Akahi & Camila in this TV space directed toward the human self-empowerment and planetary harmony.

Questions and answers to conscious themes such as breatharianism, life style, health, nutrition, self-sustainability, natural house building, nature preservation and new green technology, new era, meditation, yoga and fitness, among infinite themes that you can recommend us to consider in the show

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKpkCoyHUyo


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Catherine mcnicol said:

on March 25th, 2012

I love sunlighement web site, I would love so very much to be a breatharian, I love you Camila and Akahi, I love what you,s are doing for our planet, love and light to you,s both and to your little son, Nameste.


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