Serving Spirit: Breatharians in our Midst

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Norma Gentile is a professional singer and musician, recording artist, meditation teacher, energy healer and channeler. In 2003, Norma Gentile worked with Elitom Ben Yisrael to record the 2 CD audioclass Breatharian Meditations. In this article, Norma shares her experience while working with Elitom Ben Yisrael – a breatharian shaman. This article provides important information about the process of becoming a breatharian – teaching that breatharianism is much more than simply not eating food.

Serving Spirit: Breatharians in our Midst

By Norma Gentile

Update: A new internationally acclaimed film on breatharianism is now available – In the Beginning There Was Light.  Watch the entire film here.

This past month my friend, Elitom ben Yisrael, sat for a series of television interviews. He has been a Breatharian for ten years. For him, that means he doesn’t eat food or drink water, but rather nourishes himself from subtle energies. He does this daily, typically through sitting meditation, Tai Chi, and yoga.

(If you are curious to see and hear from him, the first of three videos is now available online here: Elitom videos)

In December 2003, Elitom and I did a workshop together entitled Breatharian Meditations (available as a CD or mp3 download from my website) offering a series of meditations that anyone can use to explore their own potential to more fully engage with the Breatharian wiring of their physical body.

As a result both he and I get emails from people who are trying to become Breatharians, but often are doing so by simply not eating. Because of the release of these new interviews, and an upsurge in interest around Breatharianism, I want to make a few points very clear.

As Elitom has stated repeatedly, he nourishes and feeds himself from all that is around him. Breatharianism is not about ceasing to eat and disconnecting from the physical world. It is not about rising above it all or escaping from the issues in daily life. Rather, it is a process of opening the Heart to a new consciousness where you know yourself as part of the intricate web of Spirit. You become more connected to the world; feeling more, seeing more, and sensing more deeply all that is around you. The cessation of needing to eat physical food is one possible resultant of this process of connecting more deeply into your own Spirit. But it is not the only possible outcome.

Almost everyone alive has the potential in their auric wiring to be a Breatharian. Very few have it as a goal in the journey of their soul for this lifetime to live as a complete Breatharian. Let me put it this way: just because you enjoy painting doesn’t mean you are meant to be a professional artist in this lifetime. And just because you may not become a professional painter doesn’t mean you should stop painting altogether, either.

The same is true with our natural Breatharian wiring. We have some aspect of it already turned on. Typically 5 to 10 percent of our lower 8th chakra is tuned to the Pure Energy of Nature. As I see it, Breatharians have nearly 90 percent of this same chakra tuned to the Pure Energy of Nature. As Elitom and I demonstrate on the CD, and as I teach in my Practitioner Trainings, anyone can tune their lower 8th chakra more fully to the Pure Energy of Nature in order to create water directly in their body. Learning this technique does not mean you are going to become a complete Breatharian. It means that you are consciously utilizing your Breatharian wiring. And as you practice using the wiring in this first, simple manner, changes will happen in your life.

A comment from Elitom:

“In this classroom of life, as you continue to learn, develop and grow, it is not about eating or not eating. Following spirit into becoming a Breatharian is not a forced event. It is an allowing. And depending on the job assignment you are fulfilling, it may or may not be the energy that is needed to complete your particular assignment.

A Breatharian energy is not helpful for many situations. And this knowledge is not for everybody. People who contact me are meditators, holistic people, high level diet changers….not someone who is in the rib cookoff!

The wiring of the Breatharian experience around people is not easy at all. Friends and family don’t like having their beliefs challenged. This is why I’m going to work hard now so Breatharians in the future don’t have to go through the same difficulties I went through during my transition. In the next ten years it will be common knowledge in this culture (the USA). I am among the first fruits.

I was at a mall in North Carolina, and struck up a conversation with a man from India. He asked if I wanted to go get something to eat, and I replied that I was on a special diet. He asked what my diet was, and I explained that I am a Breatharian. He was not surprised when I said this. Breatharianism is common knowledge in his culture, as well as in China. And one day it will be accepted here in the US also.”

I have learned to turn my Breatharian wiring for creating water in my body on and off. Most often I use this technique during travels where, for a few hours of time, it is not advisable to drink the local water. I can feel my body shift into relying more strongly on my natural Breatharian wiring, and then I consciously release and move back into what is most comfortable for my body. I do not sustain my Breatharian wiring at this point in time. And, I always resume drinking water as soon as I am able to. Anytime there is physical food in the body, there needs to be physical water in the body also in order for the physical digestion process to work properly.

Too often, I feel that people are attempting to simply stop eating, and they are calling that Breatharianism. It is not. This is anorexia. Perhaps it carries with it a sacred intention, but it is anorexia nonetheless. It carries with it an underlying belief that “if only I could stop eating I would be perfect,” and a sense of wanting desperately to rise above or leave the physical world.

But ironically enough, Breatharianism requires a deeper connection with your physical body and the Earth than merely eating food does. As most Breatharians talk about their daily life experience, they mention the sense of being in constant communion with Spirit, Love, the Earth and the people around them.

In my own experience, when I choose to utilize my Breatharian wiring, I feel everything around me. I allow my larger auric sphere, the one that exists about 25 feet away from my body, to enliven itself. As a result, the quality of energy in a room, the energy within air, the age and health of nearby trees, the emotions of others… all of these are part of the larger field of energy from which I am being nourished. And over time, I learn to receive only those energies that truly are in tune with my own body, and let the other energies simply be.

For a Breatharian, being in communion with what is around you is how you nourish yourself. And sometimes that is difficult, when there is emotional or physical pain in the bodies of those people who are around you. Or when there is great imbalance in the physical environment around you. This is something that I feel needs to be addressed. Becoming a Breatharian, even exploring this process, means moving more deeply into the world, not up out of it.

Am I lower or less than a Breatharian because I still eat food? It is true that my body, because I eat physical food, has to keep a portion of itself vibrating at a level that is closer to the physical dimension of the Earth. I believe that everyone has their unique wiring and vibration to offer the planet. And I wonder if believing that eating food is “lower” than being a Breatharian isn’t actually a part of our being stuck in polarity. So for now, I would say that the vibrations of eating food and those of nourishing from natural spiritual energies are simply different.

In time, more and more people will ‘turn on’ their Breatharian wiring more fully. But I suspect this will happen over a hundred or more years. We each already have the wiring. The journey of our soul, here and now in this lifetime, may be to turn it on just a little bit, or a lot. There is a need for people to fill in the space between those who eat meat, those who are vegan, those who are raw foodists, and those who are Breatharians. There is a huge energetic gap between Breatharianism and those who consume raw foods for nutrition. I suspect that many people in the near future will be living as partial Breatharians; eating a physical diet of raw vegan live food while also meditating and using yoga to also nourish themselves through their Breatharian wiring.

We are in a time of transition. It is more important to find your own speed along the path than to try to do something beyond which your body and soul are ready to do. When any one of us feels balanced in our body, we are more capable of creating a vibration of love and gratitude which radiates out into the world. Do not force what is not yet ready to change. There are already enough physical bodies radiating impatience and stress! Honor the path of your own soul.

And I want to share here, a final note, based on some information from Shesat (Thoth’s companion). Both she and Thoth are considered Ascended Masters, and as part of their ascension went through the stage of nourishing their physical bodies more from energy than from traditional food. She speaks from the perspective of being with us, not separate from us here in form:

“To you, who are the seeker;

Nourishing our Divine Temple, which is our physical body, needs to be done according to the Divine Temple, not according to our beliefs. The belief that eating food as nourishment is “wrong” and that being able to nourish the body only by subtle energy is “right” is part of your belief system.

Each person expresses the love of God in their own unique manner. In order to allow that expression to move through your body, your Divine Temple, and out into the world, it is necessary to first nourish yourself. Why would God (or Spirit or All That Is) want to speak through you to others? Because it is your voice that is audible to others. And that voice is only audible when you live in the same world as those with whom you are serving.

Breatharianism is where you as a race are going, but you are not there yet. A few people have the special task of opening that road for many. But even more people are being called to remain with the many, and help them learn about Spirit. Running ahead too far on the path is tempting. You can feel the possibility, and you want to run quickly into that possibility! But that may not be your path to walk upon.

In order to be of service most people who sense their Breatharian possibility learn to use it a bit, here and there, in order to maintain a vibration of love, compassion and light within their body. They eat what their bodies ask them to provide for nourishment, giving great thanks to the plants and farmers for the quality of energies that this food makes available to their Divine Living Temple.

And by staying connected into the cycle of eating physical food, the love, compassion and gratitude expressed as you eat is felt by the kingdom of plants, the Earth, and all other humans on this planet.

Your Divine Living Temple seeks to be of service. Let yourself listen to what the Temple wants to receive in order to be in balance now. Whether you nourish yourself from the subtle energies of Nature or from the graciousness of an organic salad, nuts and a fresh lively mango or apple, you are of service.

It is by creating the vibrations of love, charity, gratitude and compassion that we all are uplifted into a new state of consciousness. Let yourself create these vibrations, rather than the vibrations of shame and guilt over not being able to do something that your body and your soul’s journey has not chosen to do. Be of loving service to your world exactly where you are and as you are. That is a true service.”

My love and gratitude to you,

Norma (with Shesat)



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