Sun Yogi Umashankar book to be printed – Donations requested

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Hello Sun gazers! Sun Yogi Umashankar’s first book is ready to print. Donations and loans are being requested to help fund the publication costs. If interested supporting sun gazing and sun yoga, please

Message from Stefan Strecker, event organizer for Sun Yogi Umashankar:

DONATION REQUEST (as well possible as loan 🙂

I’m just here in India and got the fresh first book manuscript of Sunyogi Umashankar in hand! He would like to print it here and strives to get it published early enough so it can be introduced at an near conference in Delhi with 5.000 people. To make this possible, he needs half the printing cost as a deposit and that is €1714.

My question to you: whoever wants to help finance it?

amount is welcome from €100 and as soon as the first copies are sold, everyone gets their money back as soon as possible. Quasi an interest-free loan. We need only 17 people who can spare a moment €100, or 6 people at 250 €, etc. To say thank you for the great support everyone gets a free copy hot off the press – with signature!

And even more: who donates the amount (including donation receipt), his or her name will be mentioned in the book in the acknowledgments.

What we do here is truly the work of spiritual pioneers! Who wants to join? Please send your interest to sunyogiindia [at] and take a look at his webpage


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Linus said:

on December 22nd, 2013

Is the book on print yet?
If yes, where can I buy it..?


SunYogi Reply:

Umashankar’s book should be ready for purchase by March 2014.


Linus said:

on January 22nd, 2014


Where will I be able to buy it?


SunYogi Reply:

I will post a comment here with the website location to purchase the book, when the book is available.


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