Survival into the 21st Century: Barbara Moore, M.D.

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Barbara Moore, M.D. of London, was a modern-day Breatharian – eating no physical food by using the energy in air and sunlight for her body’s needs. The 1975 book “Survival into the 21st Century” by Viktoras Kulvinskas shares this information about the possibility of and transition to living on air and sunlight energy.

Survival into the 21st Century

by Viktoras Kulvinskas

A heroic figure is Barbara Moore, M.D. of London. A news release by the London Sunday Chronicle dated 17 June 1951 reads:

A woman of 50, who looks like she was only 30, claimed yesterday that she hates food, has beaten old age, and expects to live at least 150 years. She has set out to do it by giving up food. Twenty years ago she ate three normal meals a day. Slowly for 12 years she reduced her eating until she was keeping fit on one meal a day of grass, chickweed, clover, dandelion and an occasional glass of fruit juice. Five years ago she switched entirely to juices and raw tomatoes, oranges, grasses and herbs. Now she drinks nothing but a glass of water flavored with a few drops of lemon juice. She says, `There is much more in sunlight and air than can be seen by the naked eye or with scientific instruments. The secret is to find the way to absorb that extra – that cosmic radiation – and turn it into food’.

Each year she goes to Switzerland for the better air and climbs mountains on a diet of water from the streams. `You see’, she explains, `my body cells and blood have changed considerably in composition. I’m impervious to heat or hunger or fatigue.’

She continued: `Winter or Summer, even in Switzerland, I wear only a short sleeved jumper and skirt. In cold weather people stare at me. While they shiver in furs, I am warm. I’m as strong as a man and need only 3 hours sleep for mental relaxation. As my body is free of toxins, I’m never ill. I had to advance slowly from vegetarianism to uncooked fruit and then to liquid. Now I’m working towards Cosmic Food (Air). I’ve passed the eating stage and could not eat if I desired as my alimentary canal has changed considerably. It is no longer a filthy tube and is unable to handle any fiber. Instead of thinking my life will end in ten years, I’m growing younger. Anyone can do the same if they try. The tragedy is that eating is one of the great pleasures of life. To stop eating is to experience discomfort only when the body is adjusting itself to the new course which was the original course. I now find even the odor of food nauseating.'”


“In 1961, Dr. Morris Krok of Durban South Africa, published “Conquest of Disease,” where he reproduced a part of a speech by Dr. Moore, which was written up in: “Life Natural, Ganeshganar, Padukottai, S. Ry, India. Nov. 1960”.

“By experimenting on myself, I’ve found that neither energy nor body heat come[s] from food. It’s a fact, paradoxical, yet true, that I spent three months in the mountains of Switzerland and Italy eating nothing but snow and drinking only snow water. `I was climbing mountains daily, not just fasting and sitting down and reading a book or gazing at the sky. No, I was hiking daily from my hotel to the mountains, often 15 miles, climbing up to seven or eight thousand feet, then coming down and walking another 15 to 20 miles to my hotel. `During my fasting, I climbed mountains daily; and if I could not on account of bad weather, I’d walk 30 to 40 miles. That proved it to me. Year after year I’ve done the same thing to find out whether it is true or not. For one year it may work and the next it may not work with the same body. So, I’ve done it year after year and find that neither energy nor heat of the body comes from physical food. ‘When I discovered this, I went a step further; I wanted to see whether I could live without food at all; not for two or three months, but for a longer period. I found this also possible, but not quite on an ordinary level, as it were. I can do that in the mountains, but it is more difficult when I come down to an ordinary level. I find the air is different. I hope in time to live entirely on air… I’m a very busy person and have little time to sleep. I’m never tired or hungry.”

Source: Survival into the Twenty First Century


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John said:

on July 31st, 2009

Does anyone know anything about her family and the cause of her death? I have seen reports that she was hit by a car while walking across the US, and other which state she died in a London hospital. However, no cause of death was reported and I have not seen anything about a family.


des570 Reply:

Like to know how she died also? Did you find out John?


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