Surya Swami: Believe in unconditional love

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Swami Surya presented at The Institute of Healing and Alternative Therapy.  Surya Swami said that negative thoughts can be removed through music therapy and unconditional love.

Surya Swami: Believe in unconditional love

8 Jun 2003, 0140 hrs IST, TNN

PATNA: The Institute of Healing and Alternative Therapy will now be the centre of Suryayog in Patna. 

This was announced by Surya Swami at an interactive session here on the institute premises on Saturday. The director of the institute, B P Sahi, will soon be conducting regular classes on Suryayog Sadhana. 

Surya Swami also released four audio cassettes — Sadhana, Yog Nidra, Premanjali and Mangalsutra — on the occasion. Surya Swami said that many negative thoughts can be removed through music therapy. Talking about love, he said: “Unless you give unconditional love to a person you cannot get the same from others. Believe in giving unconditional love.” 

Topics ranging from chronic diseases, stress, blood pressure, depression, nature and phobia were discussed during the hour-long interactive session. A large number of people attending the interactive session had their doubts cleared by Surya Swami. Earlier, Surya Swami conducted Suryayog Sadhana Shivir on the institute premises, which was attended by several people. 



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