Surya by Sri Chinmoy (part 1)

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This article by Sri Chinmoy shares the Hindu teachings on Surya, the Sun god, found in the Vedas and Upanishads of India.  Part 1 shares India’s teachings on Surya, the sun god and the spiritual sun that exists within each person.


The Yoga of Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy, a poet, artist, composer, author and international emissary for peace, conducted twice-weekly peace meditations at the United Nations for more than 35 years. He originated the World Harmony Run — a global Olympic-style torch relay that crosses every continent — and established some 100 meditation centres worldwide.


Surya – The Sun God

Excerpt from The Dance of the Cosmic Gods by Sri Chinmoy

Surya is the sun god, the solar deity. He is also the god of illumination and liberation. In Indian mythology, Surya wears a golden robe, and his chariot is drawn either by one steed or by seven mares.

Surya the sun god is extremely important and significant in our spiritual life. Although there are very few hymns dedicated to him. Only ten hymns are offered to the sun god in the Vedas, as compared to over two hundred fifty hymns offered to Indra.

The physical sun that we actually see is said to be the eye of the gods Agni, Varuna and Mitra. The sun is the physical embodiment of the spiritual light of Agni and these two other cosmic gods.

Dawn is the harbinger of Surya. In Sanskrit the dawn is called Usha or Ahana. Usha is the goddess of dawn. She invokes the presence of the sun god and when Surya appears, he seems to be following her. The sun god has boundless divine love for goddess Usha. He wants to offer all his inner divinity to her and she receives it joyfully from him.

The sun is far, very far from our planet earth. When we observe the sun from here, we see a tiny disc, but we know how bright and vast it really is. Similarly, the inner sun, the sun that we have deep within us, is very far from us, and it seems very tiny and insignificant. But when we approach our inner sun we are illumined and transformed, and we enter into the effulgence of transcendental Light.

Each human being has an inner sun. The physical sun we observe every day. But the inner sun, the sun of divinity that we have inside us, most people do not see even once in a lifetime. Again, if I say that each individual is blessed with only one inner sun, then I am mistaken. Advanced spiritual seekers have more than one spiritual sun. And the spiritual Master, in his highest transcendental Consciousness possesses the outer sun and countless inner suns; he is the possessor of the entire universe.

If one is on the path of spirituality, one is bound to see his inner sun. Some of you have already had a glimpse of it. Some of you have seen it for a fleeting second but have not been able to recognise it as the inner sun. But a day will dawn when you will see your inner sun fully in all its transcendental Glory, and you will be inundated with celestial Light. Then, as you grow in the spiritual life, you are bound to develop more than one inner sun.

The inner sun moves. That is why the inner light moves and illumines. Again, the inner sun can remain still and silent. When the inner sun is still, we are also silent. That is why in the Isha Upanishad, one of the most famous Upanishads, we have a description of something that moves and at the same time moves not:

Tad ejati tan naijati…

“That moves and that moves not.

That is far and that is near.

That is within and that is without.”







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