Who is Sunyogi Umasankar?

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One of India’s well known Sun Gazing yogis, Umasankar has discovered a method of absorbing energy directly from the sun, removing the need to eat, drink or sleep. Learn more about who this Sunyogi is and how he discovered the spiritual practice of Sun Gazing.

Swamiji and the Discovery of Sunyoga

(Written in november 2000)

Sunyogi Umasankar was born into a Hindu family in West Bengal, near Calcutta in 1967. Living next to an ashram throughout his childhood, he developed an early interest in Yoga and religion. By the age of eighteen, having spent a large proportion of his life practicing Yoga, he made the decision to dedicate part of his life to walking through every state of India spreading the message of ‘Universal Unity, Peace and Brotherhood’. Although his spiritual training is from a Hindu background, Umasankar-ji’s message has always been directed at people of all religions. His ideas are based on a religion of humanity that makes no distinction between colour, race or religion… a path for all mankind with a common goal that is unity, peace and brotherhood.

Umasankar-ji’s journey through India did not start until 1997. For two years prior to his journey Umasankar-ji stayed in Aurobindo assram in Pondicherry practicing Yoga and making many important discoveries. The most important of his discoveries was ‘Sunyoga’. Very little is known about Sunyoga; it is briefly mentioned in some of the ancient Indian scriptures, but at the time of Umasankar-ji’s discovery, only one other person (Hira Ratan Manek) was known to be practicing it in the modern world. Now, five years later, there are an estimated 10,000 people throughout India practicing Sunyoga, taught by Umasankar-ji on his travels.

Sun Yogi Umasankar

Pondicherry is on the coast of south east India, looking over the Bay of Bengal. During his time at the ashram, Umasankar-ji spent every morning meditating on a rock looking out at the sun’s reflection off the sea. His daily meditation upon the reflected sunlight gave him great pleasure, but at this time he did not consider it to be a form of Yoga. As he continued though, Umasankar-ji became aware that, through this method of meditation, he was somehow able to absorb powerful energies from the sun’s rays. Umasankar-ji began to experiment by looking directly at the sun – initially as it was rising, then day by day he began to concentrate on it as it rose higher into the sky. He continued his meditation and after a couple of months the sun started to appear as a “clear hazy ring with soft blue sky inside”. The harsh brightness disappeared and he felt it become increasingly soothing. As time went on, he started to see “seven bright colours radiating from the sun, slowly reaching closer to the ground”. Three months after starting his concentration on the sun, Umasankar-ji felt these rays – the sun’s cosmic energy – touch his body, creating within him an undescribable feeling of peace and calm.

Shortly after this experience, Umasankar-ji returned to the ashram to eat his usual food, but he found that he was unable to digest his simple plate of chapatis. His body rejected the food, yet he felt that he was fully nourished. During his three month period of concentrating on the sun, Umasankar-ji had developed a great interest in the way that trees and plants are able to receive energy directly from sunlight. His discoveries now made him believe that he had found a way of absorbing the sun’s energy directly into his body, charging his body’s cells with kinetic energy and therefore removing the need to eat food. So, as an experiment, Umasankar-ji stopped eating breakfast and continued concentrating on the sun. Six months later, he stopped eating his dinner, then six months after that, he stopped eating food at all. From the 17th August until the 7th December 1996, Umasankar-ji stopped eating and sleeping altogether. His body weight remained the same and he continued his daily routine working in the assram in a perfect state of health. Shortly after this period of his life, he began his journey through India teaching his discoveries to people he met along the way. During his travels, he has become a source of great interest to a number of scientific and medical research centres where he had his claims tested, examined and verified – at least up to the level of sophistication that modern scientific instruments are capable of reaching.

Source: http://sunyoga.info/


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ranjan purkayastha said:

on August 8th, 2012

Babaji, my son Ranadev purkayastha age 26 suffering from mood swing and mental disorder.his gotra is kashyap. i am unable to bring him to your ashram but i pray you cure him. i am very sure with your divine power he will be cured completely.i cry on your divine feet.
ranjan from kolkata


SunYogi Reply:

Please contact the correct person using this webpage http://www.sunyoga.info/invitation.html


Brahman said:

on November 27th, 2012

This is a complete hoax. This man is not an autotroph!


malay mitra said:

on April 18th, 2013

i know from sri gopinath kabiraj that sri visuddhanand saraswati was sunyogi, i know about you through website. please send details i want to contact you. to bring peace in life and go in yatra toward the supreme sri sri babaji maharaj.


vishweshwar said:

on September 12th, 2013

where is he at present ?


jinali said:

on February 18th, 2014

my dad wants to contact the concerned person to talk about his problems and fr guidance regarding the centres in india..pls do provide the needful..waiting for ur response


SunYogi Reply:

You may contact the staff of Sunyogi Umasankar using this webpage http://www.sunyoga.info/invitation.html


Ravikant kumar said:

on June 17th, 2014

am very impressed with the sunyogi Sri umasankarji and want to know more about him and for that i want mob no——-, if any one of you have pleas send me i will be very thankful to you because i want freedom from eating drinking and sleeping

Ravi Kant kumar mob 8826105446


mohanlal gahlot said:

on January 2nd, 2019

i want to learn sun yoga


IAmyogi said:

on October 12th, 2019

Doesn’t this cause eye damage leading to blindness. With blog like this one must put in details on sun gazing; otherwise ignorant people may all go do sun gazing and go blind. State when he does it and how he does it. State the danger of sun gazing if not done properly.


SunYogi Reply:

Thank you for your comment. You are reading a biographical article on one public teacher of sung gazing. If you have an interest in learning the practice of sungazing, I suggest that you read different articles on my website that focus on the practice of sungazing.


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